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Interpet Anti Crustacean Parasite

Anti Crustacean Parasite, eradicates anchor worm, fish lice, gill maggots and leeches. Larger higher level parasites can be introduced into the aquarium on new fish or plants. They cause life-threatening damage and should be eradicated quickly. Crustacean parasites are very difficult to kill so this treatment is very powerful. Therefore, please take care to carefully follow all instructions. For use with coldwater and tropical fish in marine and freshwater systems. 100ml Anti Crustacean & Parasite.

Interpet Anti Fungus & Finrot Treatment

Anti Fungus and Finrot Treatment cures fish with Fungus, Mouthrot and Finrot. Fin rot (mycobacteria sp.), mouthrot/mouthfungus (flexibacter sp.) and cotton wool disease (saprolegnia sp.) are common diseases of aquarium fish. Anti Fungus and Finrot must be used as soon as diagnosis has been made to prevent the disease spreading and causing fish death.

Interpet Anti Internal Bacteria

Anti Internal Bacteria Treatment cures diseases with symptoms such as: Bacterial gill rot. Dropsy. Ulcers and septicaemia. Internal systemic bacterial infections (pseudomonas, aeromonas, vibrio bacteria sp.) are a common cause of death in aquarium fish, previously only treatable with veterinary prescribed antibiotics. Anti Internal Bacteria is a breakthrough product, on general sale, which halts the progress of bacterial problems and prevents them spreading.

Interpet Anti Slime & Velvet

Anti Slime and Velvet Treatment is a single dose treatment for the eradication of slime disease protozoan parasites, such as Costia sp., Trichodina sp., Chilodonella sp., and flukes such as Dactylogyrus sp. and also velvet parasites such as Oodinium sp. For use on ornamental freshwater fish only. Harmless to filters and all species of fish except Mormyrids (Elephant nose fish). DO NOT use with Mormyrids.

Interpet recommends you use Interpet Anti Slime & Velvet if your fish show any of the following signs: -Flicking and rubbing against objects. -Rapid gill movement. -Hanging close to the surface of the water. -Red, irritated areas of the skin. -Opaque, white grey patches of slime. -Dusting of gold/yellow spots (1mm). -Velvet appearance. Pack includes: -100ml Anti Slime and Velvet. -Pipette. -Measuring Cup. -Guide to Fish Health. -Treats 500L (110 gals)

Interpet Anti White Spot

Interpet Anti White Spot #6 100ml is for use with freshwater fish only. White Spot is the most common parasitic problem in aquariums, however this treatment eliminates freshwater white spot. Interpet No.6 Anti White Spot Plus is for use in coldwater and tropical freshwater systems only.

Interpet recommends you use Anti White Spot if your fish show the following symptoms: -Flicking and rubbing against objects. -Rapid gill movements. -White spots (sugar grain size) on body or fins. Pack contains: -100ml Anti White Spot. -Pipette. -Measuring Cup. -Guide to Fish Health. One 100ml bottle will treat a 500 litre tank for one course of treatment (two doses).

Interpet General Tonic

General Tonic the Liquisil Formula reduces the levels of bacteria, fungus and parasites in the aquarium. This treatment keeps these disease organisms at an acceptable level which prevents disease outbreaks.

Interpet recommends you use Gerenal Tonic Liquisil when: -Use once a month as a preventative measure. -Aquariums are new. -Introducing new fish into an established aquarium. -If water quality problems occur. -When fish appear off colour but have no obvious symptoms. Pack includes: -100mls Liquisil General Tonic -Pipette -Measuring Cup -Guide to Fish Health -Treats 500L (110 gals)

Interpet Methylene Blue

Interpet Methylene Blue 100ml #10 is a traditional aquarium water treatment acting against a variety of disease organisms. A popular traditional medication which is dye based. Harmless to all species of fish.
This 100ml bottle contains enough to treat 500 Litres (110 gallons).It should be noted that Methylene Blue can effect both plants and filters.

 Use Methylene Blue to: -Prevent fungus on fish eggs. -To reduce toxicity of nitrite in aquarium water. -As a treatment for protozoan parasites and fungus on fish. Pack includes: -100ml Methylene Blue. -Pipette. -Measuring Cup. -Guide to Fish Health.

Interpet Swimbladder Treatment

Swimbladder Treatment is a breakthrough product which cures bacterial swimbladder infections in ornamental fish. Swimbladder infections can occur in any aquarium fish and cause severe stress and death. This treatment is for use in coldwater and tropical freshwater systems.

Diagnosing Swimbladder Disorders: -Fish float to the surface, unable to swim down. -Fish sink to bottom, unable to swim up. -Fish unable to swim upright in the water. Fish rolls to either side Swimbladder Treatment works best when Aqualibrium Salt is added to the water, at a dose rate of 5g per litre. (See enclosed Guide to Fish Health Leaflet in the Swimbladder treatment box). Pack includes: -100ml Swimbladder Treatment. -Pipette. -Measuring cup. -Guide to Fish Health. -Treats 500L (110 gals)

Waterlife Cuprazin

Whitespot, Oodinium, Benedenia, Trichodina and fungal infections are amongst the fastest killing organisms and therefore, once recognised should be treated immediately. With this in mind you are advised, when unsure of an ailment's diagnostic background to automatically use CUPRAZIN as directed. CUPRAZIN'S formula is designed to be low stress-inducing, gradually compounding in strength to effective levels. Once this level is achieved addition of the product may be stopped.

CUPRAZIN should be used to treat all newly purchased sea fishes except sharks, rays, Harlequin Tuskfish, invertebrates and other related species. In cases where these creatures are present use MYXAZIN or OCTOZIN as an alternative. CUPRAZIN should not be used in those systems which contain any invertebrates. This includes crustaceans. Suitable for seawater and brackishwater aquaria.

Waterlife Myxazin- Fin Rot & Bacteria

MYXAZIN by Waterlife lowers the count of harmful bacteria in aquarium water, treating Fin Rot, Body Rot, Ulcers, Sores and other bacterial infections. MYXAZIN will also help to control Pop - Eye Disease, Cloudy Eyes and Mouth Fungus. MYXAZIN should be used daily until symptoms disappear (typically this would be between 3 and 5 applications). MYXAZIN can also be used to sterilise nets and live foods such as Daphnia and Tubifex. MYXAZIN is mild on fish, highly biodegradable and effective against a wide range of fish health problems. Myxazin is also a useful addition to any aquarium when introducing new fish to the tank.

Waterlife Octozin - Hole in the Head Treatment

MOCTOZIN is a treatment for internal parasites such as those which cause Sleeping Sickness, Hole - In - The - Head, Seawater Angelfish and Clownfish Disease, Malawi Bloat Disease and also early stages of Dropsy. OCTOZIN may also be used to treat Whitespot in seawater aquaria where CUPRAZIN cannot be used. OCTOZIN is harmless to invertebrates and algae when used as directed. You will require three separate days of treatment to complete the course. OCTOZIN is active for up to 3 days after the last day of use. Although internal parasites are destroyed instantly, external signs of improvement to the fish may take up to 7 days.

Waterlife Protozin- Whitespot & Fungus

PROTOZIN is used for the control of all protozoan and fungal infections e.g Whitespot, Fungus, Neon Tetra Disease, Velvet, Costiasis and Trichodiniasis. You will require 4 separate applications to complete the course of treatment. By adding the treatment on days 1, 2 and 3 the product safely compounds in strength and does not burden the already stressed animals with a hard hitting formula. The final dose on day 6 is a preventative measure to try and ensure the organism does not re-occur. PROTOZIN's properties are highly effective at treating all its target organisms. Protozin is our best selling disease treatment world wide. Do not use when rays or momyrids are present.

Waterlife Sterazin - Flukes & Worms

STERAZIN is used or the control of gill and body parasites which cause fish to flick when no symptoms are visible to the unaided eye. STERAZIN will also aid the control of internal parasites such as Round Worm, Thread Worm, and Intestinal Worm. In order to destroy the parasites in all stages of their life cycle you will need to use the product on days 1, 3, 6, 8 and 10. STERAZIN may also be used to aid the sterilisation of aquatic plants and is highly biodegradable.

Do not use when crustaceans, echinoderms, rays, seawater sharks, pirahna, sturgeon or sterlets and related species are present. In these instances use Waterlife PARAGON. Suitable for seawater, tropical freshwater and coldwater aquaria.