Interpet Fish Pod 48 Aquarium Kit

The Interpet Fish Pod 48 Aquarium Kit is a complete aquarium kit which makes setting up a new aquarium easy. The 48 litre tank comes equipped with lighting, filtration system and even a heater should you wish to keep tropical fish.

With neat dimensions the clean angles of Interpet's choice in design for this aquarium emits a sleek and contemporary feel yet with a versatility to meld into both traditional and contemporary interiors.

The Interpet Fish Pod 48 Aquarium Kit comes with starter chemicals to make tap water safe for adding, plus to the boost the essential bacteria needed for a healthy ecosystem.

The Interpet Fish Pod 48 offers a stunning curved panoramic front glass which provides unobstructed viewing for a stunning display of colour and activity. The ultra-bright lighting provides the perfect spectrum to keep live aquarium plants should you wish and to show the natural colours of your fish. The powerful internal CF1 Cartridge power filter provides essential filtration to the aquarium, ensuring mechanical and biological filtration is handled efficiently. The carbon inserts also provide chemical filtration for crystal clear,