Interpet River Reef

River Reef aquariums offer no-compromise filtration and lighting for full flexibility, minimum maintenance and maximum enjoyment. Designed to make consumer choice simple and to make upgrading the aquarium affordable, River Reef offers retailers the opportunity to increase customer spend by offering 2 simple to use starter kits.

Because of the high quality power compact and led lighting supplied, and the comprehensive, easy to maintain filtration, upgrading to either a reef aquarium or a fully planted aquarium using CO2 is now simple and cost effective. The 2 starter kits offer all the equipment required for either a marine aquarium or planted tank, even including specialist substrate and supplements.

River Reef aquariums are currently available in 2 sizes and can be supplied either on their own or with cabinet stands. Included in the basic aquarium kit is twin HDL compact lighting, Led Moonlights, comprehensive filtration, heater and Interpet's New Aquarium Start Up kit. The lighting is all independently switched and the lamps supplied are Interpet's premium quality 50/50 Daylight / Blue lamps.

The starter kits have been designed with quality and ease of use in mind and utilise products from Red Sea specialist marine and Flora plant ranges. Whilst the starter kits are designed for use with River Reef aquariums, they provide a simple upgrade to most aquariums.

There are 2 sizes of kit available making them suitable for aquariums up to 60 and 120 litres respectively.