Live & Frozen Foods

Along with a wide range of dried foods for Tropical, Coldwater and Pond fish, we sell live Daphnia and live Brineshrimp together with a range of frozen foods to include:

We stock flake food for coldwater, tropical and pond fish. A wide selection of foods from an everyday basic diet to colour enhancing, high protein and growth.

Ideal for bottom feeders and fish that enjoy a algae rich diet

Pellets are available in many varieties from floating to sinking and for all kinds of fish, catfish and bottom feeders.

Slow disperse food blocks from Betta, Tetra and Aqua One are available in store to feed your fish for weekends to 2 weeks.

A selection of dry foods are available for your Turtle or Terrapin as well as a large range of frozen foods.

A wide variety of flake, floating sticks, pellets and live and frozen foods are available for your pond fish as well as Sturgeon food, holiday blocks and winter foods.