Our pond fish are available during the late spring and summer months. Our pond room offers in a range of sizes, grades and colours; Goldfish, Shubunkins, Orfe, Comets, Koi Carp and Sturgeon.

A wide selection of foods to suit all types of pond fish is available and winter foods are always in stock during the colder months.

Treatments and chemicals for everyday maintenance such as declorinator, tonic salts, green away and filter start to medications to treat a wide range of fish disease.

Liner is available in pre-cut packs ranging from 1m x 2m to 8m x 8m.
Please call before travelling to ensure stock availability.

Pond pumps, fountain pumps, gravity and pressurised filters to accommodate any sized pond or feature.
Please call before travelling to ensure stock availability.

Corrugated pond hose available from 19mm to 38mm ,spares and accessories from connectors, fountain heads and jubilee clips

Our Coral Waterfall and pond range unique to ourselves is on display, with a range of pieces to suit different sized gardens made from fibreglass and crushed rock.